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AI card game knows how to bend the rules New Scientist, issue 2915 3 May, 2013
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Wii-hab, conflict resolution and adaptive games, TV documentary 24 March, 2010
Games for Change, TV documentary 24 March, 2010
I legeværelset, Weekendavisen, Nr. 6, (in Danish) 12-18 March, 2010
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Game that develops itself could save industry 21 January, 2009
Can we Create Fun Games Automatically? 15 January, 2009
link= Born & Unge Magazine Computerspil: Utroligt facinerende Born & Unge Magazine, nr. 15 (in Danish) 2009
Computer game shifts up a gear if kids act bored New Scientist, issue 2622, 24 September, 2007
Driving systems aim to drive dirty New Scientist 23 March, 2007
Another Step Towards the Driverless Car 22 March, 2007