Sebastian Risi is a Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen where he directs the Creative AI Lab, and co-directs the Robotics, Evolution and Art Lab (REAL). Sebastian received his PhD from the University of Central Florida in 2012. He has won several international scientific awards, including multiple best paper awards, the Distinguished Young Investigator in Artificial Life 2018 award, a Google Faculty Research Award in 2019, and an Amazon Research Award in 2020. His interdisciplinary work has been published in major machine learning, artificial life, and human-computer interaction conferences and has been covered by various media outlets, including Science, New Scientist, Wired, Fast Company, and The Register. In addition to his academic career, Sebastian recently co-founded, a company that lets game developers rapidly create and test their games through AI-driven approaches.


  • Neuroevolution
  • Neural networks
  • Evolutionary algorithms
  • Evolutionary robotics
  • Generative and developmental systems
  • Procedural content generation
  • Game AI
  • Computational intelligence