I am interested in all aspects of robotics and AI, but in particular using articifical evolution as a tool to design more adaptive sytems capable of operating in the real world.


  • Evolving optimal learning strategies for robust locomotion in the spring-loaded inverted pendulum model (2019)
    • K Walker, H Hauser
  • Adapting stiffness and attack angle through trial and error to increase self-stability in locomotion (2019)
    • K Walker, H Hauser
  • Evolution of Online Update Rules for Robust Locomotion in the SLIP Model (2019)
    • K Walker, H Hauser


  • Evolutionary Robotics
  • Developmental Robotics
  • Embodied Intelligence
  • Morphological Computation
  • Soft Robots
  • Unconventional robots (braid robotics)


  • PhD in Robotics and Automated Systems, 2020

    Bristol University / University of the West of England

  • MEng in Mechanical Engineering, 2016

    University of Bath