Game Metrics Mining

Project description

A central challenge of game development is to create games that provide an entertaining experience to a broad segment of users. This is not easy: Playing a computer game gives rise to an experience caused by the interaction between the player and the game, which is dependent on a host of variables associated with the user, the context of play and the game design, e.g. the interface. Based on collaboration between game researchers at the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) and the largest game developer in Denmark, IO Interactive (IOI), this project combines game metrics with data from existing user-experience analysis methods, in order to establish how specific game design features shape and form the user experience of playing computer games. Game metrics are quantitative data derived from the game software itself about the game-player interaction. It relates to all forms of actions performed by the player while playing and can be used to evaluate game-user interaction and the functionality of the game design. The project breaks new ground by combining multiple disparate data sources of user experience, and by adding game metrics to this framework. Core results are novel methods for tracking and analyzing user experience data in game development, and provide a detailed understanding of how game elements impact on user experience, as well as in new methods for quality assurance in the industry.

Start date: July 2008.
End date: Ongoing.
Funding scheme:Co-funded by IO Interactive and ITU.
Budget:50000 €


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