Project description

The RIDERS – Research In Interactive Drama Environments, Role-Play and Story-telling – project is funded by the EPSRC for 36 months from September 2011. The RIDERS project is a network which aims to form and support a multi-disciplinary community of researchers with expertise in the theory, the technology and the development for applications of interactive drama, role-play and story-telling.

The advent of interactive graphical environments, mobile platforms, augmented reality and pervasive environments offers new computational resources for the creation of interactive drama, role-play and story-telling whether for entertainment, education, therapy or art. This could lay the basis for transformative change in the Digital Economy through new immersive media, computer game genres, art works and educational approaches. At the same time, there is a search for a scientific and theoretical basis for these new media and specifically for ways of reconciling free interaction with satisfying structures. This has produced research in a range of often disparate disciplines: Computer Science and AI (e.g. planning, HCI, affective computing, digital gaming); Humanities (e.g narratology, digital media studies); Arts (e.g interactive installations, interactive drama); and Psychology (e.g user engagement, auto-biographical memory). RIDERS brings together researchers in these different disciplines so as to breach the current barriers between them, reduce fragmentation and create a synergy between technology development, theoretical analysis and practitioner applications. Itl reaches out to the creative industries in which new experiences and artefacts are being produced on a significant economic scale and to practitioners in relevant areas such as live and board-based role-play

We aim to grow the network throughout the three years, by engaging with relevant partners in industry such as: Creative industries in entertainment (game development studios) and services (serious game developers); Publishing and content creation for both digital (cinema), interactive (on-line graphic novel and comics) and printed media; and Telecommunication and broadcasting (Television). The Creative Industries KTN will be one channel of possible engagement.

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Start date: Sep 2011
End date: Sep 2014
Funding scheme: EPSRC 

Principal Investigators

Prof Ruth Aylett Computer Science, Heriot-Watt Intelligent computer-assisted role-play, affective planning

Dr Sandy Louchart Computer Science, Heriot-Watt Interactive digital storytelling