Ida Kathrine Hammeleff Jørgensen

Postdoc, Center for Computer Games Research.



Ida obtained her PhD in June 2020. In her PhD project Ida studied representation in games and proposed a model for considering games as models. Ida is currently a postdoc on the research project Making Sense of Games that have received an ERC-advanced grant. Ida holds a BA in Russian studies and comparative literature from the University of Aarhus and a master's degree in digital design and communication from ITU. Prior to her PhD studies Ida has worked as a research associate at Hong Kong Polytechnic University where she took part in a research project about non-human animal play with digital technology. Later Ida worked as a research assistant at ITU where she among other things taught a course on computer game culture.

Research Interest

Ida's current research interests revolves around how games represent and become meaningful to players; adaptations and game versions; games as media. Other research interests revolves around understanding play in non-human animals.

Areas of competence

Cross- and intermedial studies, cultural studies, theories of play.

Publications and presentations

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