Karin Ryding

PhD Fellow, Center for Computer Games Research.


Karin Ryding started her PhD in January 2017 at the Center for Computer Game Research as part of the GIFT project (gift.itu.dk). The aim of GIFT is to work with “Meaningful Personalization of Hybrid Virtual Museum Experiences Through Gifting and Appropriation”. Karin’s PhD research will include designing and theorizing around playful experiences in connection with a museum visit.

In 2016 Karin worked as a Lecturer in Media, Aesthetics and Narration at the University of Skövde. She holds an MA in Visual Culture from Lund University and a BA in Game Design from Uppsala University. Outside of her studies she has been running the game company Ozma Games since 2006. In Ozma Karin has worked with board games, location-based games, transmedia and other forms of experimental and creative play experiences.

Karin is an active participant in the movement around "Nordic Larp". This is a form of live action role-playing games developed in the Nordic countries characterized by experimentation in form and a high level of artistic ambition. Her own scenario from 2013 In Your Hands is a physical role-playing game involving themes of the body, oppression and desire for freedom.

In 2015 Karin took part in the exhibition Art and Games: Obstruction at Skövde Art Gallery with two game installations called The Presence and Seven Gates.

Research interests

Research interests include the Production of meaning and presence in playful experiences, Museum Games, Art and Games, Posthumanism, Critical Play, Design Methods, Post-apocalyptic games, Monsters and the Sublime

Areas of competence

Game design, Feminist strategies in Game Design, Nordic Larp