Mace Ojala

Research Assistant, Center for Computer Games Research.


Mace Ojala is enrolled as a Bachelor (BSc) and Master (MA) student at University of Tampere, School of Information Studies. After an exchange year at University of Copenhagen, he is currently working as research and teaching assistant at ITU and University of Copenhagen.

His previous career in librarianship provides a rich real-world experience for relation and reflection.

Areas of Competence

Software Studies, Science and Technology Studies, Digital Humanities, Cultural Studies, Information Retrieval, Computer Science, Life Enjoyment

Research Interests

At the Center, Mace is working on the GIFT project as a scientific assistant, helping things run smoothly.

More generally, Mace's interest is software. Other than computer science perspectives, he considers software as a particular moment, as legacy, as a condition, and as a cause.



Twitter: @xmacex