Sebastian Risi

Professor, Center for Computer Games Research.

Areas of competence

Neuroevolution, neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, evolutionary robotics, generative and developmental systems, procedural content generation, Game AI, computational intelligence

Current Research Interests

My research interests include biologically-inspired computation such as evolutionary robotics, self-organizing systems, indirect encodings like HyperNEAT, and design automation.
I am also interested in research at the intersection of AI and games, which can make our technologies accessible to a broader audience. To this end, I am currently leading the development of a new evolutionary content-generating Facebook game called Petalz.


Before joining the IT University I was a postdoctoral researcher in Hod Lipson’s Creative Machines Lab at Cornell University. From 2008-2012, I was a PhD student in the Evolutionary Complexity Research Group at the University of Central Florida, headed by Kenneth Stanley.

Personal homepage / Publications

Contact info

Phone: +45-50250355
Email: sebastian.risi AT gmail DOT com
Office: 5D08